This is a list of Tenacious D merchandise.

Originally, merchandise was made and supplied through the Actor's Gang Theater Company through mail order until 2000. After this, Tenacious D signed to Tannis Root, Inc. and their merchandise is available through Kung Fu Nation. In Europe, Tenacious D signed with Firebrand, Inc. from 2006 to 2013. In 2013, they moved to Bingo Merchandising with merchandise available through Frocksteady. Frocksteady has since become Bingo Merch.

Some products have appendix numbers listed next to them; see the legend at the bottom for more information.



Hats / Caps / Beanies:

Stickers / Buttons / Pins:


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[1] The "2006 - Metal" and "2006 - Power Couch" shirts were manufactured by third-party companies, mainly Trevco. As well as general t-shirts and hoodies, Trevco also produced the designs on heather t-shirts, woman's t-shirts, woman's tank tops, men's dickie shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, polo shirts, and tank tops.

[2] The He is Real shirt doubled over as the tour shirt for the band's 2006/07 tour. The first leg of the US tour, UK leg and Australia leg all had their dates printed on the back in the shape of Bigfoot's footprint. Otherwise, the shirt had a plain back.

[3] The Rize of the Fenix shirt was either sold plain, or had the June 2012 UK dates on the back of it.

[4] The Dawn of the D shirt doubled over as the tour shirt for the band's 2012 tour. The first European leg, US leg [without Wiltern date], US leg [with Wiltern date], the second European leg, and the second European leg [with only UK / Ireland dates] were sold. Otherwise, the shirt has a plain back.

[5] The Old School shirt doubled over as the tour shirt for the band's 2013/15 acoustic tours and 2014 Asia tour. The shirt reads Old School Acoustic Tour 2013/15 on the back for those respective tours. The 2014 Asian tour has the dates. Otherwise, other issues of the shirt have a plain back.

[6] Skiing Sasquatch originally came out in 2014, with a back print stating the date of the bands two shows in Aspen, Colorado, otherwise, the shirt had a plain back.