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Lee is fictional character portrayed by JR Reed throughout the Tenacious D TV series as the phyco fan.

During an open mic night performance at The Garage, Jack foolishly throws his special clear guitar pick into the crowd, and the band can no longer continue the show without it. The band have to cancel their performance since no member of the crowd hands it back to them, even after Black angrily demands it to be handed back. The band waits until the end of the night, and rummages on the floor to salvage the pick, before being told by the frustrated owner (Paul F. Tompkins) to leave the venue.

The band leave the venue without the pick, and think that Tenacious D is over. They are met near the entrance by their super fan "Lee" (wearing a custom-made black "Tenacious D Rocks" t-shirt), who returns the pick. He informs the band that he has seen all of their shows, and has made a Tenacious D website which he wishes for the band members to visit when they get home. He asks for their address to collect photos from, but instead, Black and Gass ask for his address, and say that they'll send the photos to him.

Tenacious D return to their apartment, approve of the website, and then head to Lee's House literally a few minutes after coming home. They hand over the photos, and the day after bombard Lee's phone with messages. They become nervous when he doesn't answer the phone all day, and break into his apartment to check if he's okay. This makes Lee scared of Tenacious D, and they have become the obsessive fan of Lee.

Lee informs the band that he thinks they're sick, but claims that he has "never been loved so much" and thanks the band. They end the episode with the song "Special Things", performed at The Garage at their next open mic night.


  • His surname is never mentioned in either the TV series or movie, making it unknown.